Whale watching beside the catamaran

Weekly Tour Highlights

Whale season is here in Costa Rica

This past week was incredibly exciting for us and all our clients on board. We had 3 days of Humpback whale encounters with a mother and her cub. They were about 20 ft. away from the boat, and for those of you who have ever seen whales this close, it takes your breath away.

Seeing whales in Costa Rica is seasonal and is incredibly special to us. Unlike dolphins, sea turtles and manta rays that we tend to spot on the daily. Humpback whales migrate to this area of Costa Rica for the warmer waters, to find a suitable mate, give birth and raise their young. Whale season is at the peak from July - October and again from December – April.

Welcoming a new member to our crew

We added a member to our crew, possibly the cutest! Playa Fantasia is the white sand beach where we host all our guests for lunch, swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling. The beach club is also home to some unique arrangements of typical Costa Rican flowers and plants. Playa Fantasia is also home to our rescued chickens, Kamoufla – our rescue kitten, and now Cholo – our rescue puppy.

Meet adorable little Cholo

Cholo now has all the love and affection any dog can dream of! Our clients love him and his big beautiful eyes are hard to resist.

Meet adorable little Cholo

Private Catamaran Charters

We had some really great groups out on the Catamaran this week. For rainy season our trips have been very sunny and we have had little to no rain during the day. Perfect weather to enjoy the beautiful beach club at Playa Fantasia.

Private Catamaran Charters Costa Rica
Private Catamaran Charters Costa Rica

Renovations start this week...

Every year we do some major upgrades to the Catamaran to prepare for our high season in December. This year we are changing the entire floor, bottom paint and a fresh coat of exterior paint. The Catamaran will be in dry dock for the entire month of September.

Stay tuned for our next blog post with an update on our progress.

Private Catamaran Charters Costa Rica
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